Sündenfrei - the time travel agency


Sündenfrei® was established  as an event agency in 1995 and has since become a division of BC GmbH Torgau, who deal exclusively in time travel. Every year Sündenfrei® organises  some 50 town or village and castle festivals, several Christmas marketd and up to 100 corporate eventd, weddings, birthday celebrations etc.

Sündenfrei® places performers and craftspeople, develops programmes and shows, advises in the preparation of historic festivls and celebrations, organises town, village and castle festivcals, special exhibitions, gala eveinings and much more. For these purposes we have our own stock of backdrops, booths, stages, stage properties such as covered carts, gallows, pillories, barrels, chests, carts, tents, hundreds of flags and much more.

Several of our own productions complete the Sündenfrei® profile:

Historical  fashion show -a journey through 900 years of cultural and fashion history,presentied , if required, with contemporary combat and fencing scenes. The Middle Ages, the Baroque, the Rococo - the costumes and models are there to be seen. The fencing scenes are set in various epoques and accompanied by stirring, royalty-free music and by  a witty commentary.

The Wheel of Time a fire show at night - a wooden wheel, almost 4 metres high, based on a Leonardo da Vinci cartoon moves across a path lit by pyrotechnics and literally ?rolls over? the fire performers, who, in the guise of knights, witches and other figures, put themselves in its path. A fantastic show with original soundtrack and stunning pyrotechnics. The climax: at the end of the performance the Wheel of Time breaks into its component parts in a fraction of a second.

Fire-eaters? Contest® - spectacular Fire-eaters? Guild competition 
It is breath-taking and not just for the  participants. The contest is breath-taking in itself. There are three disciplines, in which the fire-eaters must be judged. At the end there is just one winner, who holds the title. The show is known, among other things from the opening act of the ?Festival of the Stars? and the ?Pyro Nights? show.

?The Hanging of Hans, the Murderer on the Gallows and other bloodcurdling stories?
The play was first performed in 1996 and in the course of now over 500 performances it has changed dramatically. It has now become a cult and has changed from being a play for the theatre to becoming ?market theatre for the people?.
They experience 30 - 40 minutes of witty comedy under the gallows with lots of gallows humour and only two  actors. Hans is finally strung up, but he has the last laugh.



Our Service:

Placing of

performers, craftspeople,

traders and caterers and

hire of decorations and props:

For example: Knights, fire-eaters,

conjurers, minstrels,

hangmen, varlets,

actors, craftspeople such as

smiths or stonemasons,

riders, falconers,

animals, witches,

mediaeval sideshows,

bakers, taverns,

roasting spits, spices,

jugglers, fools, vagabonds,

comedians, merry-go-rounds,

archery, tents, backdrops,

furniture, stages, light and sound,

flags, pillories, torches,

bath houses and barber surgeons,

doctors, billposting, costumes,

town watches,

bands and much more!