Welcome to the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages brought to life!

Sündenfrei® organises historical festivals, mediaeval spectacles, mediaeval markets, jousting tournaments, castle festivals, Christmas markets and similar corporate events throughout Central Europe. Time travel is our speciality.

Several periods of history are possible in the representation: Rome, the Early Middle Ages, the Vikings, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Biedermeier period However, because the theme of Middle Ages is so popular in Germany, we concentrate on the period from about 1000 to 1500 A.D. and on the period from the Baroque up to  the Napoleonic Wars. 

Our web pages are the right place to look if you want to  know when and where our next festivals are scheduled. Here you can find out in advance about the programme, the opening times, how to  get there and advance ticket sales.

 If  you are looking for a partner for an historical event, a mediaeval Christmas market or a village fair or need performers, then you hve come to the right address. The same holds true if you own or manage a  venue and require a professional  events organiser.

If you are a craftsperson, trader, performer or caterer who works in the mediaeval area, you will be able to contact us through these pages.