Jousting contests

Children love knights in armour! So do we!

"Knights in armour" is a magical phrase. Children's eyes light up, little boys quickly find wooden sticks to arm themselves with , while little girls start putting ribbons in their hair and insisting that they are treated like princesses.

The phrase contains something special even for grown-ups: To them it suggests romance, excitement, joy and the concept of a decent world, where justice was still served by champions in single combat.  Knights in combat and jousting tournaments are among the events which we and our team at Sündenfrei most like to stage. In these there are usually  four knights who ride out to perform tests of skill, culminating in jousting against each other, lance against lance. The winner is the knight who remains in the saddle, the losers are rewarded with taunts and jibes.

Tournament diary: 2012

06.- 08. 4. Loreley / St. Goarshausen
17.- 20. 5. Siegfried- Spektakel Xanten
26.- 28. 5. Weißensee (Thüringen) Runneburg
14.- 16. 7. Bürgerpark Wismar
27.- 29. 7. Erlengrund Loddin (Usedom)
15.- 16. 9. Schloss Strünkede in Herne
22.- 23. 9. Neustadt (Hessen) am Junker- Hansen- Turm
06.- 07. 10. Niederburg Kranichfeld b. Erfurt

Would jousting tournaments suit your town, village or castle? Send us your suggestions by e-mail!

The finale of the tournament can be a spectacular fire show on horseback. A fantastic experience for everyone.